Saturday, August 1, 2009

The internet vs. The Shitty way Dru uses the internet

The Internet - Revolutionary, amazing, such a great piece of science for our culture

What a great piece of science! We now have the ability to share and connect in ways we never dreamed possible.

The Shitty way Dru Uses the Internet
- Just makes the internet more useless for the rest of us

The only things Dru probably uses the internet for are:

  • Porn

  • Porn

  • Masturbating all over the blogosphere

  • More Porn


First Blog Done and done. Easy. Andy out.

The ORIGINAL Year of the Blog vs. The Year of the Blog

The ORIGINAL Year of the Blog - Really fucking cool and creative

Making a blog a day about how shitty Dru is. So good. Focused. And has a very clear mission statement. I don't like to pat my own back that much, but I really nailed it with this one.

The Year of the Blog - Awful site of shitty and fuckery

There's no point to Dru's idea of making a blog idea. The blogs are scattered, he's placed stupid expectations on himself and has very clearly run out of ideas and he's not even a THIRD of the way through.

My prediction is that by the end the blogs will be called "HDFAKSLENF" and the posts will look like his cat jumped on the keyboard.

Blow me, Dru.

Air Conditioning vs. Dru's Shitty Fan system

Air Conditioning - So literally and figuratively cool

Air Conditioning is a really nice invention that is really cool and keeps people cold even during the hot summer months.

Hats off to the man who invented air conditioning. YOU are cool.


I bet Dru thinks that he's sooooo clever in his room by setting up a fan and thinking that's going to really help him stay cool.

Well, jokes on him, it's just circulating the air around his room but it's still humid.

If Dru created the heavens and earth he would have accidentally created Jupiter, totally uninhabitable, which is how lame he is.

The Concept of String Theory vs. A Shitty Tuna Sandwich

The Concept of String Theory - Very Cool

What a cool, scientific break through! String theory?! Everything is connected with vibrating strings in multiple dimensions that means that everything is connected in all dimensions and everything is relatable. WOW!

THIS is a cool idea!

A tuna sandwich that Dru made
- Really sucky, shitty lameass

Oooooooooo! Dru can make a tuna sandwich! I bet he thinks he invented that Tuna Sandwich, because he thinks he's the coolest in the wooooooorld. OOoooooooooooo.

Any tuna sandwich Dru makes has too much mayonnaise, is smothered with awful seasoning and has moldy bread. Because Dru is a failure.

I bet he thought he INVENTED the tuna sandwich. Well if he did no one would ever eat it... because people generally don't like to eat HORSE SHIT!

Bite me Dru.